On October 31, 2014, Galina Sintsova, general director of the CJSC Pervomayskaya Zarya (1979-2006), president of Melon Fashion Group and member of the Board of Directors (2009-2013) celebrates her jubilee. This festive day is a very good reason to look back and recollect how much has been done over these years. 

 We are proud that it was Galina Sintsova who became the head of the Pervomayskaya Zarya factory in 1979: she was able to build a committed team of skilful textile workers and experienced professionals and turn it into an enterprise which became the flagship of the Russian light industry.

As a matter of fact, the Petersburg brand named “Pervomayskaya Zarya” was being created and developed over decades, its history is a part of the history of the whole country. The enterprise has made a long and uneasy way: being a factory, in the nineties, they were one of the first in their industry to become a joint-stock company and then to adopt the western experience in conducting their operations and to attract European investors and partners. Thanks to her own tireless efforts, love of what she was doing and to people working side by side with her, Galina Sintsova managed to maintain the company’s operations, develop them and thus help survive the Pervomaika workers and employees.

Presently, culture, traditions and best qualities of Pervomayskaya Zarya are embodied in Melon Fashion Group – a fashion company established in 2005 after the original business had been diversified as fashion and real estate development – in its own brands which became well-known in the fashion world, these values lie in the core of dynamically developing retail and franchising operations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

Galina Sintsova has made a significant contribution to social and economic development of her native city of St Petersburg, she became the Honoured Worker of the light and textile industry, she was given government awards and orders.

Galina Sintsova personifies the best and most powerful qualities a woman can have. Her outstanding talent, independence and strong will have allowed her for years to stay as inspiration and reliable support for the MFG team.


For reference:

Galina Sintsova was born in Leningrad. Having graduated from the Leningrad Institute of textile and Light Industry in 1962, she worked as economist and then chief engineer at the city central knitwear rand jersey atelier. In 1978, Galina was appointed director of the children’s wear factory named “Vesna”. From 1979 through 2006, she was general director of Pervomyskaya Zarya (until 1991 it was a factory, since 1991 this has been a closed joint-stock company). After diversification of business she headed for three years the real estate development company Pervomyskaya Zarya. From 2009 through 2013, Galina Sintsova was President of Melon Fashion Group and served on its Board of Directors.

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