This project is the result of cooperation between the brand team and the British MRA Architecture and Interior Design. The grand opening was devoted to the 5-year jubilee of the brand. The next store of a new concept will be opened in the Galeria Shopping Center in St Petersburg to be further carried down to all of the brand’s stores.    

The new concept design in the Baroque style reflects fully the sensual and feminine underlying idea of the brand, this atmosphere will make shopping still more exciting, comfortable and enjoyable. 

Black-&-white and gold palette used in the interior decoration and furniture add to a more modern and dynamic impression of the store. The concept also uses textures of dark wood and marble, lace ornament the frame for the facade. 

The new concept suggests an unusual approach to zoning, with furniture and fixtures becoming the dominant elements of style. For customers’ convenience, the floor is divided into zones, each having its own function and bringing the very essence of every assortment line to the focus of visitors’ attention. 

Х-shaped brackets, wall consoles and bars present the clothes hanging in one row, there is a visual impression of space on the upper part of the walls and, consequently, of the whole store in spite of a much denser exposure of merchandise on the floor. This approach makes the search of a garment easier and the overall presentation smarter. 

Lingerie and accessories zones are stylized as wardrobe rooms, which creates cozy atmosphere and makes the customer relax and feel at home. 

Painted-metal accessories stands, though laconic, offers the most beneficial presentation of accessories.

“Spectacular, vivacious, sensual, full of natural energy and excitement –these are the LOVE REPUBLIC women, it is for them that the brand creates its overwhelming collections. We are convinced that the new interior concept will embody womanhood and sexuality, bringing pleasure to our customers with every purchase. Cooperation with MRA allowed us to lift the store on a new level. We are confident that the new concept will make LOVE REPUBLIC stores more noticeable and significant on the fashion market”, comments Anastasja Arestova, the brand director. 

Anshu Shrivastsva, director of MRA, says about this project: “We were amazed to see how LOVE REPUBLIC feels genuine wishes of young women and makes a statement of sexuality in its collections. Inspired by films of great Fellini and by photographs of legendary Richard Avedone, we tried to create graceful artistic lines and eye-catching silhouette in the new interior design of the store so that LOVE REPUBLIC could loudly and visibly state its unique style and  values”.

For reference:

LOVE REPUBLIC is a new terrain of freedom, style and bella vita. Love, sensuality and mysterious seductiveness – its laws, passion for creativity and exciting emotions govern here. 

Currently, Melon Fashion Group operates 178 LOVE REPUBLIC stores. 160 stores are in Russia (135own stores and 25 franchisees). 16 stores operate in Ukraine and 2 stores are in Kazakhstan.

MRA Architecture & Interior Design create exclusive interior designs for popular retail brands all over Europe. Having started in 2002, the agency managed to prove their high professionalism in collaboration with such international clients as CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, TIFFANY & CO, Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture and other no less famous brands in the world fashion industry.

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