Two persons have stepped down as Board members: Galina Sintsova (Russia), CEO of the CJSC Pervomayskaya Zarya (1979-2006), President of the PJSC Melon Fashion Group (2006-2013), and Lilian Binner (Sweden), member of the Board of Directors of Oriflame Cosmetics S.A., member of the Board and vice-president of R&B (Retail and Brands AB).

«We express our gratitude to Galina Sintsova and Lilian Binner for their invariably competent advice and support in crucial and strategically important decision-making. I’d like to emphasize the invaluable contribution to the Company’s growth made by Galina Sintsova – outstanding leadership talent, independence and strong will allow her for many years to serve as  inspiration and stronghold for our Company», stressed Polina Bakshaeva, MFG CEO.

Two new members (Mikhail Urzhumtsev and Mathias Pedersen) were elected, and five other members of the Board were reelected by the AGSM for the next term:

1. Kestutis Sasnauskas, CEO, East Capital Private Equity AB, Sweden;

2. David Kellermann, I.G.M. Manufactrust Limited, Cyprus;

3. Christel Kinning, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Zoundindustries International AB, Sweden;

4. Lennart Dahlgren, independent consultant, former CEO of IKEA Russia, Sweden;

5. Claes Herlin, independent consultant in fashion retail, Claes Heurlin AB, Sweden.

6. Mikhail Urzhumtsev, president, PJSC Melon Fashion Group, Russia;

7. Mathias Pedersen, CFO, East Capital Explorer AB, former member of the Board of Directors of the Hand in Hand Charity foundation, Sweden and CFO, ETAC AB, Sweden.


Kestutis Sasnauskas has been elected Chairman of the MFG Board of Directors.


«The Board of Directors is a dynamic body, that’s why changes in its composition are an ordinary phenomenon.I am sure that new members of the Board will contribute greatly to the Company’s development, which will help us in reaching all our targets», commented Polina Bakshaeva on the changes in the Board composition.


For reference:

The PJSC Melon Fashion Group operates three fashion brands: befree, ZARINA and LOVE REPUBLIC. The Company runs full cycle of the fashion business from design through production and buying to distribution, sales and marketing of women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

As of May 1 2014, MFG operates 622 stores. 596 stores are in Russia (481belong to the Company’s own retail and 115 are franchisee stores). 21 stores operate in Ukraine, 4 stores are open in Kazakhstan and  1 store in Belarus.

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