Logibox is a big Federal chain of automatic stations for in-going and out-going small-sized orders made in the Internet stores. This new for Russian retail way of delivery of orders will make buying in the LOVE REPUBLIC Internet store still more convenient for its customers.

Wide coverage area, convenient location of Logibox post machines, fast delivery and possibility to fetch the order at any suitable time will become important advantages of this innovation. Moreover, delivery of ordered goods via post machines will be cheaper than courier services, or those of the Post of Russia.

“Presently, the most popular ways of delivery from Internet stores are the Post of Russia and courier service. In the former case, the time of delivery will be very long and the cost quite high, the latter way of delivery obliges a recipient to wait for a courier, thus limiting their own time and plans”, comments Anstasja Arestova on the innovative delivery method. “With this layout, the Logibox machines will become an excellent alternative”.

Apart from this, the LOVE REPUBLIC Internet store has introduced, on the basis of PayU payment aggregator, a new service of paying with electronic money. Now customers can pay for goods via Деньги, WebMoney, Quwi, Яндекс.Деньги, «Альфа-Клик» and «МТС», «Билайн» и «Мегафон» payment systems.

“We want our customers to enjoy making purchases as much online as offline. That’s why we are trying our best to make buying in the LOVE REPUBLIC Internet store even more simple and convenient”, stressed Anastasja Arestova.


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LOVE REPUBLIC is a new terrain of freedom, style and bella vita. Love, sensuality and mysterious seductiveness – its laws, passion for creativity and exciting emotions govern here.

Currently, Melon Fashion Group operates 178 LOVE REPUBLIC stores. 160 stores are in Russia (135own stores and 25 franchisees). 16 stores operate in Ukraine and 2 stores are in Kazakhstan. 


eTraction specializes on “turn-key” creation of Internet stores, it can also provide full support to them on the basis of the  Otto Group Russia infrastructure.


Logibox is a Federal chain of automatic stations for receipt and delivery of small-sized packages. 

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