In April 2015, the first LOVE REPUBLIC franchise store–≤ opened in Tbilisi Mall,  the biggest shopping center in the city (Agmashenebeli street, 16).

Entrance to the Georgian market became another successful step in rolling out the MFG’s strategy aiming to make use of the potential of fast-developing regional and CIS markets. “We already have quite serious franchising experience in Belarus and Kazakhstan.” comments Kestutis Sasnauskas, CEO of the PJSC Melon Fashion Group. “Opening a franchise store in Armenia has also proven beneficial. That’s why our entrance to the Georgian market was just a matter of time.” 

Launching franchise stores in Belarus and Kazakhstan, Armenia and Georgia, the company strengthens its position not only as big retailer, but also as reliable and perspective partner. 

MFG’s partner in Georgia was Armine Margaryan, the same lady who has brought the company to the Armenian market when in October 2014 the first LOVE REPUBLIC store opened in Erevan. 

«The LOVE REPUBLIC’s concept is amazingly organic for our region: spectacular, exquisitely feminine collections came to be loved by our young women. We are convinced that the new store in Georgia will show no less impressive results than that in Armenia,” says Armine Margaryan.


For reference:

Public joint-stock company Melon Fashion Group runs three fashion brands: befree, ZARINA and LOVE REPUBLIC. The Company performs the full cycle of the fashion business starting from design through production and buying to distribution, sales and marketing of women’s and men’s  apparel and accessories. At present the company is represented in 6 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia. 

As of 1May, 2015, the company operates 656 stores. 624 stores are in Russia (511 own retail, 113 franchisees), 20 stores are in Ukraine, 7 stores work in Kazakhstan, 3 are in Belarus, 1 store operates in Armenia and 1 in Georgia.

LOVE REPUBLIC offers trendy fashion of high quality for young women who want to be in the center of attention.The LOVE REPUBLIC girl is self-asserted, mysterious and unbelievably feminine. Bright, vivacious, with a strong stamina, open, active and infatuated. She has a very pronounced feminine style, which identifies her in the crowd. That’s why she chooses LOVE REPUBLIC.

Currently, Melon Fashion Group operates 192 LOVE REPUBLIC stores, out of which 172 operate in Russia (145 company’s own stores, 27 franchise stores). There are 14 LOVE REPUBLIC stores in Ukraine, 4 in Kazakhstan, 1 in Armenia and now 1 in Georgia.

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